College Anthem

Don Bosco College – Anthem

We are the seekers of knowledge
are the pillars of new world
who believe in God of love
We are the rising stars of now
offer all our strength and will
For the glory of our land.

We do live in Don Bosco for a fulfilling life
We do learn in Don Bosco for a fulfilling life
We do love in Don Bosco share our hearts in Don Bosco
grow in Don Bosco for a fulfilling life.

We hold the reason to our thoughts
hold religion to our souls
relationship to our hearts
We work together and we
All walk together to attain
excellence and competence

Into the people do we come
as the servants of the truth
With the light of Don Bosco
Rays of the social consciousness
Radiating in our lives
Light the world like Don Bosco.

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