Muneeshwaranmudi Cleaning and Trekking

Bhoomitra sena club of Don Bosco College conducted a cleaning program at Munneshwaranmudi, one of the hill stations in the district of Wayanad. Muneeswar Hills offer a breath taking view of biodiversity covering wildlife, endless greenery, tea estates, tribal settlements, paddy fields and the Shola forests. It is a scenic place visited by a lot of tourists. Because of the tourists and other factors a lot of plastic waste is deposited in and around the hills. It is spoiling the bio diversity of the place. There is also a chance of willd animals eating the plastic waste. So, BMSC decided take permission from Thalapuzha forest office and clean the spot. 

The Bhoomitrasena club members reached Muneeshwaranmudi at 8 o’clock in the morning on 12-10-2019. The members started cleaning activity and collected plastic waste. Some of the waste was held on top of trees, because the visitors were throwing the waste to the bottom of the hills and the trees were holding it. The members cleaned the place till afternoon. While coming back the members also visited Kottiyoor forest and Palchuram waterfalls. The members reached back the college at 5.00 pm. It was really helpful for the students to know the importance of protecting the environment.

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