Recent Placement

Aiswarya Jose
Ajith KV
Anju KS
Anumol P J
Asha mary chako
Jayasna Thomas
Sonumol Vargheese
Sony Joseph

Don Bosco College has a vibrant placement cell, with all facilities for pre-placement talk, interviews, discussions etc. The cell also arranges regular training programs to prepare the students for placement drives.

The college has established links with several MNCs for placement and training. Managers from EMC, Hewlett Packard etc. come to the campus for training the students. WIPRO, TCS, tekVizion, Velocis (subsidiary of Oracle) etc. come to the campus for their selection procedure.

Various programs are organized to make the students fit for the industry. English language is given much importance. Besides the rigorous English training given in the beginning of the MCA program, there is regular training in group discussion, and public speaking. ‘Shoot n show’ method is used to improve body language. Other programs include mock interviews, training in aptitude, online tests etc.

As a result of this arduous training, almost all the alumni are working in reputed companies, both in India and abroad.


Name of Student Batch Company Image
Alka Maria Tom 2015-2018 Mindtree Alka Maria Tom
Darshana Mohanan 2015-2018 Emsyne, Infopark Darshana Mohanan
Albin Baby 2015-2018 eValai Infotech Solution, Bangalore Albin Baby
Asha Mary Chacko 2015-2018 Asst. Professor, De Paul Arts and Science College Asha Mary Chacko
Jayasna Thomas 2015-2018 Moonstone Solutions, Calicut Jayasna Thomas
George Joseph 2015-2018 Technical Staff, Ayyankunnu Panchayath George Joseph
Aiswarya Jose 2015-2018 Velocis Technologies, Infopark Aiswarya Jose
Ajith KV 2015-2018 Velocis Technologies, Infopark Ajith KV
Anju KS 2015-2018 Velocis Technologies, Infopark Anju KS
Anumol PJ 2015-2018 Allianz Cornhill Information Services, Technopark, Trivandrum Anumol PJ
Sonumol Vargheese 2015-2018 Regional Technology, Calicut Sonumol Vargheese
Shani Kariyatan 2015-2018 Regional Technology, Calicut Shani Kariyatan
Rinisha K 2015-2018 Regional Technology, Calicut Rinisha K
Ashir Raju 2015-2018 Velocis Technologies, Infopark Ashir Raju
Nishamol KC 2015-2018 Velocis Technologies, Infopark Nishamol KC
Jain Jose 2014-2017 Velocis Technologies, Infopark Jain Jose
Jinu Jose K 2014-2017 Webeteer Jinu Jose K
Lijina Joji 2014-2017 Velocis Technologies, Infopark Lijina Joji
Linda Benny 2014-2017 Centum Linda Benny
Nimisha Baby 2014-2017 Velocis Technologies, Infopark Nimisha Baby
Rosna K 2014-2017 Bangalore Rosna K
Sneha Maria Paul 2014-2017 Junior Developer, SMC Internet Mission Sneha Maria Paul
Ashwin George 2014-2017 tekVizion Voice Solutions, Chennai Ashwin George
Abin Baby 2014-2017 Diya Systems, Mangalore Abin Baby
Sinona Jose 2014-2017 Ozone Marine Services Sinona Jose
Stephi Mathew 2013-2016 Velocis Technologies, Infopark Stephi Mathew
Akhil Jose 2013-2016 Velocis Technologies, Infopark Akhil Jose
Rejin Thomas 2013-2016 Network Administrator Rejin Thomas
Shindo 2013-2016 Active Lobby Shindo Domini Thomas
Junaciya K 2013-2016 Adsoft Technologies Junaciya K
Akhila Jacob P 2013-2016 Asst. Professor Akhila Jacob P
Jithin M 2013-2016 M2H Infotech Jithin M
Syamili Sasidharan 2013-2016 Johnson Controls Syamili Sasidharan
Akhil PG 2013-2016 Wipro Technologies Akhil PG
Ciby Abraham 2013-2016 tekVizion Voice Solutions Ciby Abraham
Asmika M 2013-2016 Adsoft, Bangalore Asmika M
Jomon Joseph 2013-2016 AivKnowTech Jomon Joseph
Manu Mathew 2013-2016 Velocis Technologies, Infopark Manu Mathew
Stefy PA 2013-2016 tekVizion Voice Solutions Stefy PA
Diljith K Benny 2012-2015 Asst. Professor Diljith K Benny
Nidheesh M D 2012-2015 Wipro Technologies Nidheesh MD
Thomaskutty Roy 2012-2015 Wipro Technologies Thomaskutty Roy
Visal K V 2012-2015 Wipro Technologies Visal KV
Jibin P Devasia 2012-2015 Webeteer Jibin P Devasia
Justin Varghese 2012-2015 Wipro Technologies Justin Varghese
Varghese K Abraham 2012-2015 HCL Technologies Varghese K Abraham
Soniya Sebastian 2012-2015 Asst. Professor Soniya Sebastian
Tintu Jose 2012-2015 Teacher Tintu Jose
Soorya Vivekanandan 2012-2015 Asst. Professor Soorya Vivekanandan
Anusha Abraham 2012-2015 UST Global Aunsha Abraham
Taniya Sebastian 2012-2015 Wipro Technologies Taniya Sebastian
Sruthi N 2012-2015 Asst. Professor, DBASC Sruthi N
Divya Kurian 2012-2015 Technical Staff, Ayyankunnu Panchayath Divya Kurian