Computer Labs

Don Bosco College – Computing Facilities

MCA Computer Lab

The computer lab of Don Bosco College is equipped with 70 desktop systems of recent configuration. The lab is open till 9 pm, for the students to practice what they learn. High speed internet is available on all systems, so that the students can access learning materials whenever they want.

Another unique feature of Don Bosco Computer Lab is the availability of tablets. There are 35 tablets for the exclusive use of the students. Students who need tablets for their projects can hire them and use for the entire semester.

The Cloud Computing Centre is another place where students interested in cloud services carry out intense training programs. A high end server is made available for cloud training purposes.

The Android Workshop is a lab with desktops and tablets for students to learn and experiment Android programs.

The computer centre also has an Exchange server for the students to learn server configurations. Students enter this lab to learn to configure servers, set up and run their own mail servers etc.

The network lab is a place where students spend time exploring the networking commands, network configurations etc.

Students are also exposed to a hardware lab, where they learn to assemble and troubleshoot computers as well as install software.

Language Lab

Excellent communication skill is mandatory for any professional. Don Bosco College takes care of this requirement by providing free training for 10 days to all freshers. There is also a language lab at the disposal of all the students. All are encouraged to make use of the same.