Don Bosco

Don Bosco College – Presences in India

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Saint John Bosco, popularly known as Don Bosco, was a Catholic priest, educator and visionary who dedicated his life for the betterment and education of young people.

Don Bosco visualized education as a matter of the heart rooted on the principles of loving kindness and selfless service. He created a unique system of education that moulds the whole person – body, heart, mind and spirit. He strongly believed that the hearts of young people can easily be won through love, patience and empathy and not with intimidation and punishment. Don Bosco’s paradigm of education, globally recognized as ‘Preventive System’, is embedded on three Rs: REASON (Intellectual Growth- IQ)), RELATIONSHIP (Emotional Growth – EQ) and RELIGION (Spiritual Growth – SQ). The system aims at creating a generation of young men and women steeped in sound knowledge-based and value-based education for life.

Don Bosco died on 31 January, 1888. Don Bosco’s works, ideals and spirit are carried on by Salesian priests, brothers, and sisters who follow his charism. Currently serving in 132 countries across the globe, Don Bosco Fathers and Brothers are at the service of young people, shaping their career and accompanying them as a friend for a meaningful and fulfilling life.