Don Bosco College Facilities


The central library is open from 8 am to 8 pm on week days and from 10 am to 4 pm on Sundays and holidays.  It has a collection of over 6500 volumes.  It follows the open library system, wherein the students can access the stack and select the books they need.

The library has a book bank from where students can borrow text books and use throughout the semester.  It also has a reference section with sufficient copies of the commonly required study materials.

Another attraction of the library is the section on placement training materials.  A collection of books related to the development of analytical skills, logical skills and technical skills is available in this section.

There is also a section on personality development, religion, psychology, management and humanities.

Digital Library

The library is connected to all the university libraries of India through the National Mission on Education scheme.  The college also has a separate digital library for research oriented activities.


The library has subscription to reputed national and international journals as well as periodicals.


WiFi Campus

Keeping in mind the technological needs of all students and staff members, the campus is covered with WiFi technology. Authenticated staff members and students can access the high speed internet service 24/7 round the year from the campus.



The college has separate well furnished hostels.  There are two hostels each, for both gents and ladies.


Language Lab

Excellent communication skill is mandatory for any professional.  Don Bosco College takes care of this requirement by providing free training for 10 days to all freshers.  There is also a language lab at the disposal of all the students.  All are encouraged to make use of the same.


Health Club

The college has a health club, where the students can work out and balance their fitness and other activities with rigorous academic work.


Students’ Activity Centre

Students of Don Bosco College involve in several activities.  This helps them to develop their organizational skills, self-esteem and team spirit.  The college has set apart a room with required furnishing and refreshment facilities for their activities.